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Dr. Paul Goss

New Body Products has been the premier provider of natural herbs and supplements for over 30 years. 

Dr. Paul Goss, founder and president of NEW BODY PRODUCTS, is the 1st child of 10 born to Sam and Annie Goss in Canton, Georgia.  He grew up in a small company town, Alcoa, Tennessee.

In this rural setting he received the basis for an international education.  Not in the poorly funded segregated school, but from two of his neighborhood’s African elders.  Mitchell, known as the “Root Doctor” and Ms. Bellamy, known to some as “The Herb Lady”.  They were the local “root workers”.  They knew the healing value of herbs and plants and how to prepare them as cures.  Dr. Goss'  interest in holistic cures began when they recognized his potential and began instructing him in ancient cures that were passed on to them in much the same way.

Dr. Goss continued his education at historic Stillman College in Alabama.  His real thirst for knowledge, however, simply could not be filled in a traditional college environment.


He went on to become an organic chemist for a large company.  Through self study, he continued to increase his knowledge in holistic healing.  Building on his modest beginnings as apprentice to “Doc” Mitchell and Ms. Bellamy, he started to develop his skills as a holistic health practitioner.

By 1965, he had begun to share his largely self-taught knowledge of herbs and holistic healing with a growing number of clients.  In 1976, he established NEW BODY PRODUCTS in Compton, California.  His holistic knowledge had by now earned him the formal title of Naturopathic Doctor.

Using iridology for diagnosis along with herbal remedied and vegetarian diets for treatment, Dr. Goss helped people achieve the NEW BODY they needed or wanted through his unique application of the ancient art of holistic healing.

Dr. Goss has lectured on holistic topics in nearly every US state and 17 foreign countries including Mexico, Jamaica, Africa and Europe.  He has written four books, “Forever Young”, “The Natural Way”,  “The Rebirth of Gods”, and “The Eyes of Forever Young” used in many universities today and he is the key developer of two holistic health resorts in North Carolina and Arizona call EDEN.

Today, NEW BODY PRODUCTS are used by millions and are distributed by hundreds of experienced holistic practitioners as well as lay people all over the United States and other parts of the world.

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